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There have many other movies that have had bad casting, although the movie did alright. There are many factors that determine the success of the film, and casting is one of the major factors. It spoils the movie’s magic if it goes wrong. What happens later on is another story. There is a lot of risk even if there’s one actor that is the black sheep in the cast.

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As mentioned above, what happens later on is another story. That being said, there were some very astonishing and weird castings that turned out to be a huge hit. Some considered as irreplaceable. The positive casting selection’s best example is of the late Heath Ledger as the Joker. Nobody was certain about him being able to do the role justice. But when the movie released, the audience was blown away. The negative casting selection’s best example is of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern. His renowned presence was not right for the role of DC’s superhero and the movie was a major flop. His role, however, for Marvel’s Deadpool can speak otherwise.

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Casting is a big gamble. If there is a right cast, the acting can make up for any other error in the film. Even the household names can flop. The casting has to be done thinking more than hundreds of time before the final decision. The above mentioned names are of the past. Here are the Top 10 castings from the upcoming movies that are causing quite a stir, a few relating to some serious conflicts.

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In the Marvel Comics, the Fantastic Four is known to have all white members in their team. Don’t mean to sound racist but that is actually the reality. When it came to creating the character of Johnny Storm, he was fair and had blonde hair. Keeping that in mind, the movie titled Fantastic Four which released in 2005, had Chris Evans as Johnny Storm. Appearance wise, he was the perfect fit for the role. It seems like Fantastic Four had a lot to do with compromising with roles. First it was Jessica Alba having a different background and being cast as Susan aka Invisible Woman, when they were pure Americans. Now, it’s Michael B. Jordan’s turn. An actor packed with lot of talent, Michael was given the green light for the role by Mr. Marvel himself, Stan Lee. The entire fan base of Fantastic Four erupted and displayed lot of anger against a black actor playing a white superhero. Michael had enough and answered them quite brilliantly in an open letter.

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Ed Skrein has very big shoes to fill when he will act in The Transporter. Reason being, that he is taking over from Jason Statham. The Transporter is the movie that launched Jason Statham’s career as an action hero. Not only that, but Jason has also been consistent in the movie series. He is now regarded as one of the ideal action heroes, putting him in the list among legends. Ed on the other hand, will be starring in a reboot of the series. The movie is titled, The Transporter Refueled. Moving from the TV screen to the big movie screen is always a positive step. So only time will tell, if this movie is destined to be the launch pad for Ed Skrein’s career just like it did for Jason, or not.

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For any actor playing a worldwide famous character, whether it is Steve Jobs or Nelson Mandela, it is no easy job. But when you act as them and they themselves compliment you, and say you did a good job, there is no other greater feeling. Joseph Gordon-Levitt will try to do the same thing in his upcoming movie. Joseph will be playing a daredevil. Not just any daredevil, but Philippe Petit. For those who don’t know who Philippe Petit is, he is French who in 1974 performed a high-wire act. He walked on a high-wire between the Twin Towers in New York, and got arrested once he crossed. Joseph will be reliving that day in the movie titled, The Walk. Although his appearance looks a bit weird but it all depends on his acting. He has potential of defying his appearance and can give an unexpected performance.

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Seeing Vin Diesel with hair and a long beard is a bit hard to accept. It is funny but a bit true. Over the years, we have become used to seeing him as a bald, dangerous, fearless attitude and of course, some actions. So seeing him act in The Last Witch Hunter will be a new experience for Vin, as well as for us fans. His role as Kaulder will be completely different from any other role he has acted in his career. Instead of bashing cars and kicking butts, he will be a sort of a wise mentor in the film. His presence and how he will make his appearance in the film is worth watching. Seeing the role he is playing, he has to come in as an almighty kind of guy, without a tough guy image.

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Point Break is another movie that is getting a reboot. The previous one starred Keanu Reeves in the main lead. After criticism came in regarding his performance in the film, they decided to go with Luke Bracey. Keanu received a lot of negative reviews and the audience made equal amount of fun for the way he acted. Luke Bracey on the other hand is not too experienced. He is a typical newcomer who wants to make his mark. The question is if his performance can mark a good impression and possibly be better than Keanu Reeves. The heat is on.

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This casting news became the talk of the world. Every single person, whether fan of movies or fan of comics, had this topic of discussion. As usual, the news was accepted very positively by many. It is obvious because Christian Bale was expected to put on the suit for many more years. His decision to retire was a big shock to the world. Nevertheless, he has his full support for Ben as the Cape Crusader. Seeing his accolades, Ben is one very talented actor. He has won an Oscar for directing; he looks good in the suit and matches the Batman from comics, so it could work out. He is also confirmed to direct and act in the Batman solo film. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is, beyond doubt, a very big and the most anticipated films.

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Independence Day: Resurgence is the sequel to Independence Day. If you have watched the prequel, Mae Whitman was the lady who stole the show as she acted as the President’s daughter. From there on, Mae starred in successful movies and her performance kept improving and improving. So much so, that whatever type of role she was given to act as, she did a tremendous job. To not cast such a talented and experience actress raises eyebrows. Maika has no shortage of talent. Her work in a horror film caught everyone’s attention. She definitely has standards to meet where her performance is concerned.

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