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Recalling the Tamil films of 2015 that, even if not great in the overall sense, stood out for some reason(s). Here, in alphabetical order. 144: At first, I found the narrative a rhythmless mess, too “quirky” for its own good. But slowly, I tuned into the film’s vibe, and just thinking about the bits now […]

Am on a break now, but that doesn’t mean you are. So please keep adding your comments and keep the discussion going until I manage to write the review :-)

What some of us are feeling now, it’s vague, hard to put into words. And at least part of it is a little existential. Why were we spared? You don’t think this when you hear of shootings in America or earthquakes in Nepal. You register the horror, and do what you can – sign a […]

So what is the long-drawn Salman Khan trial all about? Baradwaj Rangan wonders. The Salman Khan trial isn’t just about an actor who may or may not have done the things he’s been accused of, the things he’s now been acquitted of. (Whoever was driving that car has, by now, become as mysterious an entity […]

Spoilers ahead… Angry Indian Goddesses. Not since Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaye has a film’s title so briskly summed up its appeal, its audience. Chew on those three words. The first one is an emotion that makes the subject sound important enough to be debated, written about in op-ed columns. You don’t have to […]

Rain or shine, the connection between Chennai residents and cinema is an unbreakable one. Imagine there’s a death in the family. Some people weep and wail. Some people realise that there are practical things that need to get done. They get busy making calls, getting a photo ready in order to put out an obituary […]

Spoilers ahead… Under normal circumstances, the story of a hurdler (Pugazhendi, played by Atharvaa) with a rare blood disease – thrombasthenia, if you’re a doctor; in English, once the patient begins to bleed, he won’t stop – would be story enough. A slightly ambitious filmmaker might even use the sport as a metaphor, that Pugazhendi […]

You could drive yourself crazy debating whether the Music Season should be held this year. Baradwaj Rangan draws up a pro-con list. Con: Isn’t it awfully insensitive to go on stage wearing a silk sari in a carefully chosen shade, with carefully coordinated accessories – when so many people don’t have clothes to wear? Pro: […]

Spoilers ahead… aka Bobby Simha’s triple-barreled bid to become an action hero. The first of his three roles, in Urumeen, occurs in an animated flashback set during the early days of the East India Company. The genial actor plays a patriot who defies a British officer – the highpoint of this defiance is glimpsed on […]

As trains thunder overhead, a flood-displaced family waits to return home. It’s Saturday. The sun is out. It has been out for a day or two now, but today’s sun feels different. It’s brighter, warmer. It feels like a promise. Some of the streets are dry – they’re dull and grey, the way we like […]

Aakriti Kohli and Sandeep Singh, the makers of ‘In The Mood For Love’, talk about their documentary about the everyday reality of LGBT living. The most surprising thing about your film, for me, was that it’s presented by a government agency, Doordarshan. How did they get into the picture? It was intriguing for us too. […]

Spoilers ahead… About fifteen minutes into Tamasha, the new film from Imtiaz Ali, I’d got my money’s worth. We’re in Corsica, France – the first of many places we run into Ved (Ranbir Kapoor). Others include a future trip to Tokyo, Japan, and a back-in-time excursion to Simla, Flashback – yes, written that way, as […]

Thoughts on and around the new 007 movie, reportedly the last one starring Daniel Craig. Is Spectre worth watching? On one level, absolutely. Consider the mind-boggling pre-credits sequence in which a building explodes and the aftershock prises loose a portion of a roof across the road, which angles downwards and comes to rest, rather nonchalantly, […]

Spoilers ahead… After the first thirty minutes, I was ready to give up on 144, directed by G Manikandan and produced by CV Kumar, who’s quickly become Tamil cinema’s answer to the venture capitalist funding small-time techies with big ideas. To the directors of his films, cinema means more than just the opportunity to direct […]

Spoilers ahead… At some level, you have to applaud the mere existence of Prakash Kovelamudi’s Inji Iduppazhagi. For one, it is heroine-oriented – given the functioning of the Tamil and Telugu industries (the film is a bilingual), that’s a little like switching on a television news channel and finding in-depth coverage of cities not named […]

Why should everyone, including Aamir Khan, say the most perfectly worded, politically correct, lawyer-vetted things in public, even if they may think otherwise privately? Before Aamir Khan, there was Kamal Haasan. Frustrated by forces that were preventing the release of his mega-budget production Vishwarooopam in Tamil Nadu, the actor said he was contemplating leaving the […]

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Tamil Latest Movie Reviews
Tamil Latest Movie Reviews

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