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Upcoming Superheroes Movies 2013-2

2011 had some great and not-so-great comic book movies from Marvel and DC Comics with the likes of Thor, Captain America and Green Lantern. So what do comic book fans of the have in store for them this year and in the future?

Believe it, DC Comics upcoming movies and the Marvel Comic movies coming soon in 2012 are highly anticipated releases. It's gonna be better than last year.

So let's start off with the confirmed releases that DC Comics and Marvel Comics have planned for us fans.

DC Comics Upcoming Movies 2012

2012's DC Comics upcoming movies really only has one in the spotlight, but it's a major one that has high expectations.


July 20, 2012 is the official release date for the last installment of Christopher Nolan's Batman series starring Christian Bale as the Dark Knight. This movie is highly anticipated and has a lot of expectations.How will this rebooted series end, and will it stack up to the previous movies, especially The Dark Knight? No one can deny The Dark Knight was a major success and is the 10th highest grossing film of all time.

Even more of a concern is the addition of Catwoman. DC Comics have yet to get Catwoman right on the silver screen. Though her character is beloved in the comics, I must admit adding her to the mix is a risk, considering the character's past disappointments on the silver screen.

Despite the nervousness of fans, Christopher Nolan hasn't disappointed us yet. I think this movie will deliver, and get ready for the cosplay fans dressing up during opening weekend.


It seems DC Comics upcoming movies for 2013 only has one that's been confirmed, and that's the rebooted Superman: Man of Steel movie. It's scheduled release date is set for summer June 14, 2013, and has new actor Henry Cavill filling the big boots of Supes.

DC & Warner seem to be jumping on the "darker and grittier" motif that Christopher Nolan has done with the Batman reboots, and we'll see a darker more edgier Superman in theaters in 2013. I remember talking to Greg Rucka at one Wondercon, saying Superman was too one dimensional and needed to get bit edgier for the movies. His reply, "That's just not the character (Superman)."

Well, that may be true. It may not be how the "character" is, but it seems Hollywood and DC Comics agrees that Supes needs to go that way as well. Will all DC Comics movies have a dark tone like Nolan's Batman trilogy? I sure hope not.

With Green Lantern churning out a so-so reception at the box office and major rants of disappointment from fans, will this "darker and grittier" Superman reboot deliver? After all, Green Lantern was not a dark and gritty movie, and it was pretty much a failure.

It seems that DC has trouble translating their characters to the silver screen, unlike Marvel who are putting out quality, entertaining films every year. So far it seems the only successful movie character DC & Warner have now is Batman.

However, Superman: The Man of Steel will have General Zod once again commanding all the evil, badness, and it will be great to see Superman go up against a villain who can actually take it and dish out it just as good, or, as comic fans are hoping, a lot more.

We will just have to wait and see, wont we?


There are upcoming DC Comic movies that have the green light, but no confirmed movie release dates. They may come out in 2013, but I would push them back to at least 2014.


It seems DC & Warner have not given up on the Green Lantern movie franchise, and the first one was just a stepping stone to build up the cosmic emerald "Space Cop." I think the sequel will be a lot better than the first.

The sequel will have the anticipated duel between Green Lantern and his arch nemesis Sinestro! That's a battle comic fans are dying to see on the silver screen, and I think it'll be worth seeing. However, whether this comes out in 2013 or 2014 is still up in the air. I'm leaning more towards 2014, but the rumor is 2013.


It seems the scarlet speedster finally has a script according to those at DC Comics & Warner Bros., and rumors of this speeding towards production has been around since 2010. Yikes! It seems DC & Warner have had trouble getting their beloved Superheroes to the silver screen.

Considering they haven't even confirmed a director yet or even the cast, the Flash movie may forever be a rumor. DC needs to get on the ball. A lot of fans are anticipating a Flash movie. Fans want it, but they don't want a Flash movie like 2011's Green Lantern.

Visit the link to find out the latest news on DC Comics upcoming movies and what's going on with the movies above, as well as new plans and developments concerning DC Comic movies coming soon.

Marvel Comic Movies Coming Soon 2012

As usual, Marvel has quite a few movies ready to hit the big screen in 2012, and two of them are highly anticipated. Unlike DC, Marvel will hit two major blockbusters this year to DC's one. However, Marvel does start off this year pretty weak when it comes to comic book movies.

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