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Super songstress Adele is on route to sell a million copies of her latest album “25” by Christmas Eve in the US for its third non-consecutive week, breaking yet another music industry benchmark (via Billboard). "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" collected a galactic $250 million of global ticket sales through Friday and headed toward a historic opening weekend in the United States and Canada as fans around the world reveled in the return of the beloved space saga. If you wade through the spectacle, the hype and the slew of franchises and remakes that made up so much of this year's movie output, there are still a few films worth more than their moments. Adele's new song has seen its fair share of social and traditional media coverage, many expressing love for the song, while others put a funny spin to it. Comedian Ellen DeGeneres made her own parody, with hilarious results. Posted to YouTube by FreshDub Official. The release date for Game of Thrones season 6 has not yet been confirmed by HBO, but a teaser image posted on the show's Twitter account, featuring the word "April", hinted that the new season will hit TV screens in April next year. Viewers across the country are set to witness a drama filled and gorgeous wedding as 'Generations The Legacy' stars Simphiwe and Mazwe set out to tie the knot. A possible twist lies ahead as both bride and groom have been unfaithful up to the impeding nuptials. Will they get married? A three day extravaganza awaits 'Generations' viewers starting on Friday. Jimmy Fallon takes on Adele in 'what's inside the mystery box'. Jimmy and Adele take turns trying to stump each other as they describe a mystery item. Posted to YouTube by The Tonight Show
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Why is celebrities bad behaivor covered more in news stories than their good behaivor

Some media outlets concentrate on sensational "reporting" because they know sensationalism sells. When the public stops buying the magazine, or visiting the website, or turns off the television, these media outlets move on to the next sensational story. Sometimes, where there is no sensational story, the media milks it from all angles to create the drama. It's all about advertising dollars; when no one buys the product, watches, views, then the ads give no financial returns. Then, of course, the media must figure out a new way to make us "tune in".

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