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Black people, thank you for being my friends, bosses, coworkers, mentors, mentees, PTA colleagues, and neighbors. I want to particularly thank my many black millennial friends who are entrepreneurial, smart, resourceful and revolutionary. I have tremendous faith in you.

The reality of the situation is: unfairness and injustice to one affects all. A race of people who have suffered through injustices throughout history will soon get tired and fed up. When this happens there will not be any rest for anyone.

What's striking is not so much the strength of the argument but rather the public discussion that has started around it - one illustrating the power of stigma to influence the conversation around HIV/AIDS.

Scott Olson via Getty Images

Never did a person say that Nixon ruined every other white man's chance at presidency, because white people are defined by characteristics other than their race. When you look at President Obama, when you look at people like me, Mr. Trump, do you only see a black face?

Sandra Bland deigned to believe that she mattered when she stood up for herself. A savage anti-black justice system killed her in an effort to demonstrate otherwise. Because of this, our ongoing battle to seek justice for her death is essential for affirming her humanity and that of all black people.

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

One thing is clear, the force is definitely woke.

Ariel Skelley via Getty Images

It's time that candidates, especially the Democratic party who has been accused of taking the black vote for granted, develops strategies to reach black millennials where we are; the internet. B

Cavan Images

Whether we are ready or not, a generation has been born with the potential to amplify Black Genius. The only question that remains is are we ready to work with them to build the system needed to make this world better?

The New Year quickly is quickly approaching and like many of you, I've been reflecting on my past, present and future.

Adam Bettcher via Getty Images

What this "debate" has revealed, in fact, is a mainstream policing mindset ready to manufacture fear without evidence and promote the belief that American civil rights and liberties are actually an impediment to public safety.

These things will never change until those with the power to make the decisions make it happen. I think if JK Rowling, the person who created Hermione, says she doesn't have to be played by a white person, we can assume Hermione does not have to be white.

An African-American woman releases a #1 rock album, Queen Latifah totally dominates the screen with her performance as the great blues singer Bessie Smith, and Alicia Keys raises $25, 000, 000 at her annual Black Ball for AIDS research. Who does that???

I was immediately intrigued by the somewhat clunky but memorable title
of the essay collection edited by Jennifer Jensen Wallach: Dethroning the Deceitful Pork Chop: Rethinking African American Foodways from Slavery to Obama.

A campaign to honor the struggle to end slavery in the United States is an excellent social studies project to engage students as active citizens responding to racism and in shaping the future the United States.

Shutterstock / Konstantin Chagin

Unless a company has an extensively outlined diversity and inclusion policy, or job seekers know other people of color employed by that company, many minorities are searching with blind hope that if they are selected they will be able to join and also contribute to a welcoming and booming company culture that accepts them for who they are, as they are.

I am sure you already know the names of the celebrities who have come out as trans this year, the trans actors playing trans characters on television, the trans stars who have paved the way in 2015. But these trans people do not represent me. I don't write their names because they don't represent us. The colour of their skin is a reminder that trans people of colour are still fighting for representation and survival. So, has 2015 been a year to celebrate the trans community? Or has 2015 just shown us how far there is to go?

Imagine Ted Cruz or Donald Trump or Marco Rubio in office with a Republican Congress and Supreme Court seats to fill. Voting: restricted. Immigration: halted. Abortion: banned. Equal pay: unprotected. Same-sex marriage: overturned.

Alex Wong via Getty Images

African American students want to decide for themselves whether to attend that school if they are fortunate enough to be admitted. Expert research has long discredited the exclusionary idea driving Justice Scalia's comments. Over the past several days, much of the nation has rejected the idea as well.

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