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Jake Quickenden has admitted he can't decide which girl to go for in camp - and is torn between Nadia Forde and Kendra Wilkinson.

Asked who his favourite was, he said: "Er, I really get on well with Nadia and Kendra, I can't choose between them. I know that is bad of me. But I can't do it."

Jake has been flirty with both girls, and even tried it on with Melanie Sykes until she admitted she didn't fancy him.

Defending his antics in the jungle which has seen him try it on with all least three women, he added: "I am very flirty but honestly I don't know I am doing it sometimes. It is not in a way to be a sleaze it is just my way of talking.

"I like innuendos and saying sexual stuff, it makes me laugh."

In the interview in the Bush Telegraph, Jake also talked about the other woman in his life - his mum Lisa.

He said: "I miss my mates, my mum and my brother. I live with my mum so I get to see her every day, so it is quite hard in here. I am a bit of a mummy's boy."

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I'd have to say, Pink is the New Blog. The owner, Trent, has the best comments. There are also good pictures.

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