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He was speaking at the Ramnath Goenka Awards function of The Indian Express Group. Khan said there was an increased sense of despondency over the past 6-8 months and that he was alarmed by it. "Important that those in power strongly condemn what's wrong, " Khan said, backing writers and intellectuals who have returned their awards following the Dadri lynching and the murder of rationalists.

"Historians, scientists have had a view to express. Returning awards is one way of getting your point across, " said the 50-year -old actor, who has been awarded the Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan. "Everyone has the right to protest, " he said, adding that he supported any protest that was non-violent.

Last year, Khan's film 'PK', which took an irreverent look at organized religion, was a box-office blockbuster. It remains Bollywood's biggest grosser worldwide.

Speaking on the Paris attacks and its aftermath, Khan sought to delink acts of terror from religion. "I don't think any religion teaches killing of people, " he said, pointing out that a number of Islamic organizations had started speaking up against ISIS, which claimed responsibility for the multiple attacks that killed 127 people.
On the censorship row over the recent Bond flick, the actor maintained that the censor board was just for certification but was behaving in an alarming way. "I hope that changes, " he said, stressing that as an adult, one should be able to decide what one wanted to see.
Making light of the "almost interminable" kiss in box-office super hit Raja Hindustani (1996), he said the scene was not censored. "I feel lucky, " he said.
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