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What is in store for our favourite soap characters at Christmas?

Christmas is just 12 weeks away and that means the festive soap battle will soon be in full swing.

While we impatiently wait for Halloween to pass, soapland is already gearing up for its annual heartache, knees up, brawls and climatic plot reveals.

Winter is coming and so are the dark storylines that always plague characters in Emmerdale, EastEnders and Coronation Street .

Some will no doubt be on a downward spiral towards despair - Kylie Platt will be on the verge of a breakdown but at least she's got David to save her - and others will just be hoping that Christmas passes without someone forgetting the cranberry sauce.

As the autumn season kicks in soap actors will be gearing up to start filming their festive scenes, so lets check out what we can look forward to.

Here are the latest Crimbo spoilers from Emmerdale, Coronation Street and EastEnders.


  • Robert's shooter will be revealed - but it doesn't end there as someone else is hiding a secret that could ruin the village.
  • Chas Dingle will face a terrifying ordeal at the hands of a stalker.
  • Heartache is set to threaten Zak and Lisa Dingle's Christmas.
  • Eric channels Scrooge as he continues to isolate David - he gets three special 'visits' from the past, present and future.
  • It will be a night to remember as Bernice throws a New Year's Eve party at Home Farm...
  • Ashley and Harriet face a big challenge which could cue the end of their relationship.

Coronation StreetCoronation Street

David and Kylie hid Callum's body

  • Jenny Bradley returns to the cobbles and Rita welcomes her with open arms - but will the Kabin owner regret it?
  • The Connors and Roberts receive disastrous news from Rob Donovan - how will they cope?
  • Love is in the air for Ken and Audrey, but it might be too soon after Deidre's death.
  • Several other love stories are set to blossom.
  • Alya feels guilty about sleeping with Jason and contemplates confessing.
  • Despite murdering Callum, the Platts are becoming closer than ever.
  • Tyrone decides to bring a winter wonderland to ill daughter Hope when he realises he can't afford to take her to Lapland in a bid to make her last Christmas the best day of her life.
  • Could Aidan and Eva be about to find romance? How will Jason feel?
  • Tracy's struggles to cope when Rob comes back on the scene.



Linda tells Dean to stop lying
  • It will a year since Dean Wicks raped Linda Carter and seemingly got away with it, but the truth is set to finally come out at the end of the year. Will Dean confess and get the comeuppance he deserves?
  • Mick and Shirley are close to reuniting - but can they work through their past?
  • Is Bobby Beale truly evil? The family will face a gut-wrenching and climatic Christmas that will take them in a new direction. Will they ever get over Lucy?
  • Shabnam and Dean are still locked in a bitter battle over the custody of Jade and things get messy as Mick and Ronnie get involved.
  • Abi is still ostracised from her family and set to get even darker.
  • The soap will highlight how important caring for the elderly is as Cora remains isolated in the wake of Christmas.
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